So long….. South America …. But this is not a goodbye.

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So the time has come for me to leave South America. Unsurprisingly I have quite mixed feelings about leaving this place. I am exceptionally happy I have come here, I have been tremendously happy here, despite the rocky start, this journey has left me feeling fresh and renewed. Particularly my time in Costa Rica (a bit more about that later). But in less that 12 hours, I will be on the plane and making my way to New York. And seemingly a whole different world to this place.

This journey through South America has been an incredible one, very life affirming and everything I needed and more from the day I decided to do this for myself over two years ago. I don’t think then I really realised what I wanted from this trip (not entirely) and I certainly had no idea to get here I would end a relationship, sell my house and quit my job, but that is the way things have worked out and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. This is one story of my life I will share with you all before I arrive back in Perth as I think it’s a perfect way to round off this journey and an acknowledgement to myself on how far I’ve come. So check back here on Boxing day and you’ll be able to read all about it.

Anyway getting back to my last week in South America…..

I’ve had a brilliant last week. Maybe the best week of my whole trip. I spent most of it in Montezuma as you know, doing yoga, hanging out by the beach and eating the best food. But that wasn’t the best thing about it. The best thing was it allowed me to stop for a moment. To evaluate my trip, my life and everything in it. To think about me. Just me and my thoughts. I know that might seem strange….. I mean what have I been doing for the last 3 months exactly…. but travelling has a way of consuming you, it’s busy, sometimes stressful and yes I’ve relaxed at moments, but it’s been sporadic. Of course I’ve had some wonderful moments while travelling, saw some beautiful and amazing things, met great people, but that wasn’t the only reason why I came here and going to Montezuma for a week was a perfect way to unwind and think only what I needed to think about before I left this great place. It gave me a moment to think solely about my life and myself, who I wanted to be when I got home, what I wanted to do with my career etc. etc. It’s exactly what I needed and I’m very thankful that I thought of doing this a couple of weeks ago and to my friend Kel, because when I told her I was thinking of doing the yoga retreat instead of going to Jamaica, so wisely told me “Jamaica would always be there to go back to” She was right. I know she is very interested to hear what I got out of the Yoga Retreat.

I’m not going to go into great detail about my feelings while I was at Montezuma, they are personal, only to say that it was well worth the trip. I thought a lot about myself (strange as that sounds) and I found the answers I needed.

I have to say though, Montezuma is an amazing place. Hippies love it here and it’s definitely got that vibe, but it’s simply beautiful as well. The people are friendly, the food is so tasty and the vistas are to die for. There’s something almost poetic about sitting on the deck outside your room at night watching the waves roll in, going to sleep by the sound of the waves, having a view of the ocean from where ever you are – doing yoga, swimming in the pool, in your room, walking down the street…. I think you get the gist. I did discover while I was there, that I really enjoy the sound of the waves and watching the ocean. I would love to live near a beach. There something so calming about the ocean being near.

The first night I was there, I was eating at a local restaurant just down the road from where I was staying. I was literally on the beach with a short table and chairs made of wood. The only light around was all the candles around the place, otherwise it was pitch black. Just the sound of the waves, the cicadas and the flicker of candlelight. It was beautiful. About half way through dinner, two musicians from Mexico (travelling their way through South America on their way to Argentina), started singing and strumming the guitar. They were really good. I was just sitting there alone, listening to the beautiful music the world was making and smiling at how unimaginable these moments are when they present themselves. What I’m relating to you right now is just words to me, it’s hard to express the beauty of a moment like that through words. All I can say is you really should have been there. :)

Montezuma was spectacular and honestly a place I would go back to in a heart beat.

Now I’m in San Jose again….. and I have not missed it. I’ve missed the hostel I stayed in (and where I am again now) as the team here are really lovely and helpful, but the traffic, the noise and the smog I have not missed in the least. The rest of Costa Rica seems so pure compared to this city. I really am not a city girl. :)

I have enjoyed getting those last few things completed though and trying to repack my back again, now that I’ve picked up all the things I left behind in the hostel while I was travelling through the rest of Costa Rica. I have to admit I had a “how the heck am I going to fit all this stuff in this tiny bag” moment when I laid everything out on the floor this afternoon. As it turns out, I had no need to worry. Either my superior packing skills have improved or the bag expanded miraculously, but apart from a few odd things I was always going to leave behind, everything made it into the bag. Phew! :)

So I leave at 2 am tomorrow morning and get into New York at 10am on the 20th Dec. Then no doubt I’ll be resting for the remainder of the day before I prepare to brave New York on the 21st….. it should be interesting. There’s been hardly any Christmas decorations around SA and I don’t feel like Xmas is next week, despite the fact Chadda, Nicole and I are meeting up for lunch, it just doesn’t feel real for me yet. I have no doubt that once I get to New York and see Times Square & the Rockerfeller Centre all lit up it will feel like Xmas. I rather think it will feel like another world :) It will be interesting to see how I transition ¬†from the Zen like state I’m in here, to the bustle of New York. I hope I’m still Zen when I leave on Boxing day.

I’m leaving to go home on Boxing Day! Some how that hasn’t sunk in yet. I mean I know I am, but it doesn’t feel like Boxing Day is a mere 7 days away for me. It just doesn’t seem real. It’s not real for me yet. I think when I’m packing my bag on Boxing Day, it will finally sink in. After that I have 28 hours of flights and transit to get through before I’m home. I wish you could click your fingers and be home in an instant, bypassing all the flight and transit. :)

Anyway, just wanted to update you all on what has been happening and where I am at, at the moment. I will no doubt speak to you soon (and see you soon). Only 9 days now until I’m back in Perth :)


Hasta Luego,








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  1. Garry

    Well it doesn’t feel like Christmas hear either. Seems to have come from nowhere and with all family scattered it has a strange feel to it. Mind you, we have not had a 40C day yet and good old Christmas day is to be it. So while we have heat you could be having -40. Enjoy and see you soon. Stay off the hippie mushrooms.
    Love Dad

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